Ladies Recovery Center - Ladies Hope House

"There is no such thing as a changed life apart from a changed heart.

A changed heart is only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."


The program at the Ladies Recovery Center is very structured to help you become a more disciplined person in every area of your life.  If you have a sincere desire for help, you can make all the adjustments necessary to change your life. At the Ladies Recovery Center you will have many opportunities to grow in the areas of friendships, communication and learning to love and serve others. 
To begin the process download the application and return it to us. Help for you today, hope for you tomorrow.

Ladies Hope House

The Hope House is a residential recovery program for women coming out of many forms of negative, self-defeating lifestyles and life-controlling problems, including but not limited to:

Mission and Philosphy

ReNewing Hope Ministries, Inc. is dedicated to the restoration and relief of the poor, the distressed, the underprivileged, and those who are held captive to the devastating effects of addictive habits, such as drugs and alcohol and the life-controlling issues that go along with these self-destructing habits. 

ReNewing Hope Ministries, Inc. is designed to be an environment of change for the resident.  We believe that when an individual encounters God, they will experience change and this change should be evident in the individual’s lifestyle, actions and words.  A close relationship with God is encouraged and God is the key factor in lives changing at ReNewing Hope Ministries.  It is through the resident’s submission to God and ReNewing Hope leadership that they experience change and true freedom from their life controlling addictions and negative lifestyle.

ReNewing Hope Ministries’ goal is to equip residents with the ability to maintain life-long sobriety and a Christian standard of living.  ReNewing Hope Ministries purposes to empower the resident to be an effective leader and to have a positive influence in their home, church and community.


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